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Nutrition Coaching

Musli Mix

1:1 Coaching

Programs designed to meet your unique needs!

Are you wanting to:
  • Get unstuck with your wellness

  • Generally feel better overall (well, duh!)

  • Eliminate the guilt/shame/eat cycle

  • Break away from extreme, restrictive dieting once and for all 

  • Make peace with food and your body

  • Poop better

  • Make long-lasting changes, not short-term fixes

  • Find balance in your life (blood sugar, hormones, or just peace of mind)

  • Learn more about how food and herbs can make you feel vital and energized

  • Stop allowing food to control your every thought

  • Tap into your intuition and learn to trust yourself and your body's needs

Yes! Yes! and YES!

Here's How It Works:
  • Schedule your complimentary discovery call here. This opportunity is for us to meet and get to know each other. It is important to make sure we are a good fit! We'll talk about your wellness goals, current concerns, and how Rediscover Health can support you on your journey. 

  • Once we decide to work together, we begin our on-boarding process by picking the package that best meets your needs, set our start date, and dive right on in to goal setting!

  • Coaching packages are unique to your experience and goals; therefore, we move at your pace. You are the expert of your life. We assess, brainstorm, create, evaluate, and revise goals in each session.

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