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Cleansing: FAQs part 1

Just in case you missed our cleansing posts on Facebook or Instagram, here are a few frequently asked questions about my cleansing process and how I encourage everyone to take action towards their health!

What is #cleansing? It sounds so challenging... or even dirty? Like, girl, don’t you shower? Just kidding. #Nutritional cleansing is the process of using the power of whole food, herbs, and lifestyle choices to rid the body of store toxins. Here are a few questions I get a lot about cleanses:

👉Why #cleanse? Well, I’m human. And we live in a very toxic world. From processed foods to added sugars. From chemicals in our beauty routine to household cleaners, you are going to be in contact with something. Toxins can store in your fat cells. And fat cells can create hormonal changes in the body. Unwanted bacteria, like yeast, is a game changer too. These are all reasons why everyone should cleanse at some point.

👉 Do you just drink #juice? No. There are hundreds of different cleanses. I do not just juice on my cleanses because I want fiber, protein, and fatty acids to help create a well #nourished diet. Just juicing does not provide any of those qualities, although it does provide a shocking about of nutrients from fruits and vegetables at one time. I like to incorporate at least one green drink a day.

👉 Do you poop a lot? Always in the top ten questions. Toxins and undigested food particles only have limited ways leave the body. It’s not like you are running to the bathroom every 5 minutes if you are doing it correctly. Bathroom trips will increase slightly, and the flow is gentle. Again, this is to clean up your body.

👉 Doesn’t your body have a #detoxification system? Why yes, it does! And that is the beauty of our resilient design. But even Superman shows symptoms and weakness when exposed to kryptonite. Cleansing is just the process of removing as much junk and toxins from your daily regimen while eating nutritionally balanced meals, taking supporting #herbs, and modifying lifestyle to guide the body and allow it to do the job it was intended to do.💖

👉 What do you define as toxins? First and foremost, we think of man made chemicals, artificial ingredients, household cleaners, herbicides, pesticides, cigarettes, beauty supplies, etc. But we don’t always think food intolerance or inflammatory foods, alcohol, caffeine, sugar or even bacterial imbalances, parasites, or yeast. When I say removing toxins from the body, that is what I am referring to. And the definition of toxins varies per person. 🍻🍪🍔🍦🚬💊

👉 The body is designed to heal. The liver, kidneys, lymph, skin, lungs, and intestines are all in charge of detoxing what the body doesn’t need. But depending on exposure, sometimes these systems become compromised. Constipation, fatigue, irritation of the skin, allergies, infections, bloating, and so forth can all be signs that your body needs less exposure to “toxins” and more #selfcare to allow your body to heal. 💚

👉 Cleansing is not a miracle #weightloss cure. And should never be able deprivation of nutrients. Just saying.

More to come!💋

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