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Navigating Bad Body Days

Let's face it, most of us have experienced a bad body day before. A day where nothing in the world can make us feel good about the skin we're in. Unfortunately, a lot of things in the world contribute to the way we think. Advertisements on Facebook for swimsuits, diet programs, diet supplements, and weight loss challenges, food labels at the grocery store marketed for Guilt-free eating.

We don't realize at face value how much these things impact the way we feel about ourselves until we have one of those days.

You know, the days where you rip your closet apart looking for an outfit that fits your body comfortably only to be let down or disappointed if something feels out of place. The days where you dread stepping on the scale because whatever number appears will literally determine your self-worth and mood for the rest of the day. Or the days you feel like food is the enemy and something has to be wrong with you because you have been eating clean, drinking water, and moving your body more than ever, and the scale won't budge.