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Yoga in the Sand

There is opportunity in every situation to do what is best for you. You just have to listen to your emotions and vibes. Tune into your body. Be still. What do you feel?

We just got back from our beach vacation and I sit here reminiscing about how perfect it was. Nothing more enjoyable than the sound of the waves, the cool October breeze, the warmth of the Autumn sun, and a good book, of course. Besides the countless nutrition articles I had to read for class work, I am still working on " The Law of Attraction” written by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I have taken my time with this book because all the words and concepts are magical. Let me explain.

Vacations are hard for me. First, I want to pack my entire closet. Who knows what clothes you want to wear until it’s time to wear it, right? And what if you spill something on you and that one shirt you brought for Monday was ruined. Second, I need to pack the whole vitamin cabinet. I have a daily routine to maintain, plus the what-if’s. Third, I want to pack the house. Maybe I want to read or maybe I want to do yoga. I should bring all of my books and yoga materials just in case. Then, there is the travel. This whole process is exhausting for me and it takes an extra day to release that stress before I can start to enjoy the trip.

Of all things to look forward to on my trip, it was the thought of a yoga flow on the beach. That was all I could think about for weeks. The vision of being in downward dog while the sun is on my back, feeling my hamstrings open as I breath in the salty air... drooling. The thought sends chills down my spine. I had planned to accomplish yoga on the beach...until I realized I left my yoga mat at home.

Some of you are probably thinking to yourself, "And why does that matter?" Well, it's silly really, but I have a love/hate relationship with sand. I like having my feet in it, maybe my hands, but everything else is debatable. It makes me uncomfortable. So at first, I was bummed. Then I was ready to go buy one. I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out if I could anchor down a beach towel in this wind. Nope, not going to happen. I felt defeated over my silly sand battle.

The #LawofAttraction is truly an inspirational piece. If you haven't read it, I suggest it be next on your list. I just so happen to be reading about our emotional guidance system and how to use it when attracting what works for us. The general idea is when something (a thought, feeling, vision, dream, etc) resonates with you and gives you excitement or pleasure, then your reality is vibrating at the same positive frequency as your Inner Being. For those who have not read the book, your Inner Being is like your spiritual direction and always wants the best outcome for you. On the other hand, if that thought or feeling gives you negative feelings, doubt, or insecurities, then those vibes are not in alignment with your Inner Being's idea of true happiness and desires.

I was on a mission of yoga on the beach. I had nothing but positive energy and good visions. So what if I love to hate sand being all over me (shiver)? I don't live on a beach, and this opportunity doesn't happen very often. #Yoga is what I wanted and yoga is what I accomplished.

The experience was physically challenging, but also rewarding. The sand was everywhere but it was grounding. Sand doesn’t stay in one place, so the downward positions like downward dog or advanced side plank were harder to maintain balance while the sand shifted between my fingers. The wind kept me cool while the warmth of the sun heated me. The sound of the waves crashing turned this experience into an enchanting meditation. The balance and relaxation of the moment enhanced my newly found theory that positive feelings lead to positive results.

Moral of the story: listen to what your body resonates. It doesn’t matter your current circumstances - that doesn’t define your future. Tune into your body and your emotions. Be still and listen. What do you feel?

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